Photo Gallery Step by Step Removal

20140113_164914Jack up car. Support safely with floor stands!

20140113_165122Remove Tires and Wheels. I prefer using an Impact gun!

20140113_170348Had one stubborn Lug nut.

20140113_170414Required a Key that did not come with car. Nice!

20140113_170407I was able to remove with a Pipe Wrench! Would not recommend using with nice wheels.

Next, I like to start on removing or preparing to remove upper engine compartment components!

20140113_171226Removing Upper Radiator Hose.

20140113_171238Removing Reservoir Tank. Mine happened to be held in with Zip Ties.. Nice!

20140113_171250Next I removed the Intake.

20140113_171438Before Removing the Fuel Line, Make sure to bleed the pressure. I prefer opening gas cap.

20140113_171619I like to Zip Tie things into nice spots. So they don’t accidentally get pulled off or end up in your way.

20140113_171821Next I remove the Throttle Cable.

20140113_171920Undo any Vacuum lines going around to Firewall. If you are uncertain where they go, place a piece of tape on them and label them.

20140113_171931Intake Vacuum line for brake booster.

20140113_172017Cooling Fan plug harness. Undo to pull radiator and fan assembly out together.

20140113_172025Remove lower Radiator Hose.

20140113_172240Pull radiator assembly out. I was lucky all fluids have already been drained. I forgot to mention that all fluids should be drained after you support car are Jack Stands. Safe you one hell of a mess…lol

20140113_172442Next I undid the Slave Cylinder.20140113_172453

20140113_172950Undo any Visible Grounds.

20140113_173427Undo Engine Harness on Passenger side.

20140113_173435Undo wire going to fuse box.

20140113_173550I then removed Heater hose back by firewall.

20140113_173705I also removed it from it the motor’s Head.

20140113_173844Remove Started Wire.

20140113_173922I like to move it up out of the way.

20140113_174055Disconnect wire harness for Alternator on Driver side.

20140113_174104I prefer to put engine section of harness on top of engine to keep from smashing.

20140113_174218Disconnect return fuel line.

20140113_174358Remove axle shaft Nuts. Should be a 32mm or 1 1/4 I believe. Use a good impact.

20140113_174427Next I removed Tie-Rod Ends.

20140113_174432Unbolt and remove Wishbone..20140113_175824

20140113_174451Disconnect Lower Ball joint. Having the right tool and using a Pickle Fork makes this EASY!

20140113_175850Pull out on Hub and it should release the axle. Sometimes you need to massage the end of axle with a punch from the hub.

20140113_180328Next I popped out the Passenger side axle from transmission. Repeat these last steps on Driver side. Axle only needs to be removed from intermediate shaft(not transmission.)

20140113_183333I then removed all the little motor mounts.20140113_183418

Leave the main Three Motor Mounts intact. They are all that is holding motor into place.

20140113_192110Next comes out the Header/Exhaust manifold. Remove bottom two spring bolts first. Then go back up top and remove from Head itself.

20140113_192116Drop the shift linkage from transmission. One of the linkages requires a punch to push out a roll pin. I couldn’t find that punch, so I removed linkage from shifter as well. 20140113_192133

20140113_192035Pick good spots for your Hoist Chain!

20140113_192049I always do one in a transmission bolt and one in the upper power steering bracket bolt. These engines are not super heavy. 20140113_192029

I added Tension to the Engine Hoist Chain before removing any of the other mounts.

20140113_183449Now you can start removing the other mounts. The rear one is JERK! So I always start with it.

20140113_183426The other two are not so bad! 20140113_183433

20140113_193833Then I pulled the Engine on out!20140113_193847

20140113_195013Engine Removal Complete!!20140113_194829 🙂


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